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Eye & Ear Injuries

Almost everyone is born with the five key senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and feel. While there are some people born without one of these senses, many accidents can lead to traumatic injury to the important senses of sight and hearing. These accidents, many times caused by negligence of another, can transform a person's life in an instant.

Not only are the physical effects of sight and hearing loss devastating, they can affect an individual's ability to work and support himself or herself. Furthermore, the aid equipment and technology for these injuries can be very costly and pricing should not be a reason for an innocent injury victim to be kept from anything that may help their situation.

At The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we believe that all innocent victims of eye and ear injuries should be compensated for their devastating loss.

Aside from the physical and financial damage caused by these injuries, the loss of hearing or sight can be very destructive to one's emotional state. The colors and sounds of life are one of the many gifts in this world. That gift can be suddenly ripped away in one moment of another person's negligence.

Loss of Vision

One of the most mysterious and complex organs in the entire human body is the human eye. We depend on it in every moment of the day for direction, knowledge and survival. It also provides us with the beauty around us in nature and life through vibrant colors and wondrous pictures. The value of this organ is increased significantly in view of its vulnerability to injury.

One of the most treasured features of our physique is also one of the most fragile. The eyes are highly susceptible to injuries from car accidents, work accidents and especially construction accidents. Chemicals and debris as well as blunt force head trauma can damage the eye either temporarily or permanently, rendering the individual unable to see the normal things of life.

Common eye injuries that do not result in the actual loss of vision can still have devastating symptoms such as blurred vision, double vision and retinal detachment. While some eye injuries can be repaired, medical treatment requires specialized medicine and can be very costly and not all injuries can be healed completely. As this one small organ brings so much into one's life, one small injury to that organ and cause a great deal of pain for the person both physically, emotionally and financially.

Loss of Hearing

Ear injuries can be extremely painful. While damage is internal most of the time and therefore invisible on the outside, it can dramatically transform one's life in an instant. Hearing dysfunction commonly occurred due to injury of the inner ear or the temporal lobes. Damage can include internal bleeding of the ear canal and cochlear damage.

All of these injuries can cause troubles in hearing, a fundamental part of the average person's day. As we rely on our eyes to paint the picture of life, we rely on our ears to supply us with the sounds of life. On top of the pleasures that hearing supplies us with, healthy ears are essential to our communication with the world.

In addition to the sound that ears provide us with, the inner ear is also extremely involved in providing humans with a sense of balance and mobility. Loss of hearing in one ear can throw an individual off balance and impact their ability to participate in many daily activities. Ear damage can result from accidents involving motor vehicles, head trauma and extremely loud noises such as explosions.

Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer

Damages involved with eye and ear injuries are not simply limited to the medical aspect of the injuries. The loss or weakening of either sensory function can render an individual unable to support themselves both in daily life activities and in the earning of financial income. The cost of these injuries is limitless, which is why injured persons who were made victims of negligence should immediately contact a personal injury attorney in Santa Clarita who can assist them in claiming the compensation they are entitled to.

The value of what these senses give us cannot be confined to any monetary figures but the impacts of the loss can be alleviated through the provision of financial support. At The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we believe that whoever caused your injuries is responsible to pay for them. That is why we would like to assist you in the process of claiming what is yours. Our skilled legal team can provide aggressive representation in your claim against the person who caused your pain and we will do everything we can to maximize your chances of a fair recovery.

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