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Broken Bones & Fractures

Every year, approximately 6.3 million Americans suffer a fracture. About 3.5 million of those Americans are rushed to the emergency room for their fracture. People can break a bone in virtually any situation and at any location.

Studies show that more than 0% of all fractures actually occur at a person's home, and 33.5% of these are inside the house. 19.1% of all fractures occur outside in the yard.

In total, fractures account for about 16% of all the musculoskeletal injuries in America each year. This means that this injury is quite common. While most fractures are easily treatable, they are incredible inconvenient. A person who suffers a fracture will typically have to wear a cast, and may need to be on crutches if the fracture affected a leg. In some situations, a break will result in mandatory surgery or in a lengthy recovery. Those who use their limbs frequently in their work may have to take months off for recovery, which can add up to a lot of lost wages.

Broken Bones & Fractures in Santa Clarita, CA

One study suggests that about 887,679 fractures each year result in hospitalization. About 8.6 million visits are made each year to doctors for fracture care and about 79.6% of these visits were made to orthopedic surgeons.

Most of the time orthopedic surgeons are the "go-to" doctor when it comes to fractures, and when patients were referred to a specialist 90% of the time that specialist was an orthopedic surgeon. According to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, the fracture rate is currently at 2.4 per 100 people. Men are more likely to experience a fracture than women are. The male average for a fracture is 2.8 per 100 people, while the female average is 2.0 per 100 people.

Om 1998, over 10.7 million fractures were seen by physicians in office based practices. This includes the visits that were made for follow-up care. Sometimes, those who experience a fracture will need multiple follow up appointments, check-ups for their injury, and physical therapy sessions to regain use of the injured limb. Most of the time, people under the age of 75 suffer from a wrist fracture. This is listed by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons as the number one most common fracture for anyone under 75.

Fractures and Broken Bones in Senior Citizens

Seniors tend to break their hips more frequently. Hip fractures are the most common fractures that result in hospitalization, with 328,552 hospitalizations for this injury in one year. After this, the second-most common fracture that results in hospitalization is an ankle fracture. In one year, there were 101,944 hospitalizations for ankle fractures, and 67,600 hospitalizations for fractures of the tibia and fibula.

Elderly individuals are most frequently hospitalized after they suffer a broke or fractured bone. Research shows that over half of the time an elderly individual who is injured by a fracture will have to head to the hospital. About 57% of all fracture cases are of this nature. Over 90% of broken hips in seniors over 65 resulted in hospitalization, and 65% of all pelvic fractures.

Additionally, 56% of vertebral fractures result in hospitalization in seniors. In some cases, the senior may fall because of an item or a slip that is only his or her fault. Yet there are also times that a senior may suffer the consequences of a fall and fracture because of negligence.

Did you suffer a preventable broken bone or fracture?

If any individual suffers a broken bone as a result of a premises liability issue or a workplace accident, then that victim may be entitled to compensation. You will want to discuss your particular case with a Santa Clarita personal injury attorney before pursuing the case further, but you may be able to obtain compensation.

This is because many times a broken bone is the injury that occurs in many at-fault accidents. You may have suffered a broken bone or fracture in a car accident, or as a result of a construction accident. As well, if you were harmed because of a bicycle accident or a bus accident that was not your fault, then you may be able to seek reimbursement from the party at fault.

You can also ask for from compensation if you broke a bone in a train accident, a truck accident, or an on-the-job accident. Sometimes a broken bone can also evidence nursing home abuse if staff at the home were not paying attention to a patient and allowed him or her to fall and break a hip or ankle. Pedestrian accidents also commonly result in broken bones.

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