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When you are injured or develop a sickness, naturally you want to take medications that will help you to get rid of the problem. Many times this means that you will need to head to the pharmacy and pick up prescriptions and then take them accordingly. Unfortunately, not all pharmaceutical drugs are safe, and in some cases a drug can lead to severe and damaging consequences. When the side effects of a medication are more damaging than the results of the medication are helpful, this means that the drug is considered dangerous.

If you are harmed by a dangerous drug and were not warned beforehand of the risks of taking the medication, then you may be able to seek compensation from the pharmacy, drug manufacturing company, or another party at fault. You will want to determine why the drug caused damage to your system and will need physician's records to prove that you are not lying about your current condition. If you suffer permanent damage from a medicine, then you absolutely need a Santa Clarita dangerous drug attorney to accompany you to court as you litigate against the parties responsible.

Dangerous and Defective Drugs

Every month, the Food and Drug Administration discovers more medications that are dangerous or require further warnings on their labels. These medications are for a large variety of conditions, and can have serious consequences. In some cases, medicines can even be fatal for those who are already in a weakened condition or are more responsive to certain chemicals.

For example, recently the FDA discovered that azithromycin is a dangerous drug that can cause cardiac arrest in some patients. If you have a weakened heart or are an elderly individual, then it is recommended that you avoid this infection-fighting drug as it could be harmful to you. Here is a list of some of the dangerous drugs that have been known to cause serious injury or fatality in victims:

Azithromycin: An anti-infection drug that is used to treat all sorts of bacterial infections in the ears, lungs, throat, eyes, and skin. This drug can cause a victim to go into cardiac arrest.

Actos: Actos is an anti-diabetic drug that is used to treat Type 2 diabetes. The drug can cause an increase in the risk of bladder cancer and has even been banned in some countries because the link between the drug and this form of cancer is so strong.

Antidepressants/SSRI's: In general, antidepressant medications have a bad reputation and have been linked to many serious injuries and illnesses. One of the most dangerous of these drugs is Zoloft. Zoloft is an anti-depression drug that is used on people that are diagnosed with this mental illness. It is manufactured by Pfizer, the same company that recently created azithromycin. In the past, it has been linked to a lot of side effects, including birth defects.

Depakote: This is a drug that is used to eliminate the possibility of convulsions among patients. The drug was once issued to women during their pregnancies, but after it was linked with birth defects this practice was widely stopped. It has been known to cause a cleft palate, spina bifida, hypoplasia, and other physical defects in babies.

Humira: Humira is a common prescription and is created from the drug adalimumab. The medication is typically used to treat autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, Crohn's disease, psoriatic arthritis, and others. Sometimes, this drug leads to infections within the body which can eventually spread through the body and cause severe discomfort or death.

Accutane: This drug was created in order to treat severe cases of acne, but has been known to cause depression, bowel disease, and potential birth defects for patients. The drug is a retinoid chemical compound and is typically affective at removing cystic acne. Still, it may not be worth it to take the drug because of the horrific side effects that can result.

Assisting Victims of Dangerous Drug Incidents

The above medications are only a few of the many defective and dangerous drugs that are prescribed and sold to innocent victims every year. If your condition worsened or you experienced a devastating side effect in connection with a pharmaceutical drug, then you have the right to seek compensation from whatever party is at fault. This may mean filing suit against the drug manufacturing company, or the pharmacy that mixed your prescription. It may also mean seeking compensation from a doctor who dismissed your concerns about the dangerous side effects of the medication in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Make sure to hold the parties that are responsible accountable to their actions by seeking compensation.

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