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Welding Accidents

Santa Clarita Construction Accident Lawyer

The construction industry has earned a reputation of danger and risk all around the nation. This stigma is due to the fact that construction sites involve a number of tasks and jobs that have the potential to be dangerous if not performed properly or if someone else acts negligently. These precision jobs include such matters as working on scaffolds, using cranes and welding.

Welding is one of the most dangerous jobs on a construction site because it involves highly flammable tools, sharp metals and damaging light rays. Despite its riskiness, welding is essential to the construction industry but when innocent workers are injured, there can be dire consequences.

The hazards of welding are many, especially when there is a lack of proper training by supervisors. A worker can only act insofar as he is trained to do so. Therefore, welding accidents caused by inexperience or lack of ability are not entirely the fault of the worker but also of his or her supervisor who assigned the task to someone without the required abilities.

Welding injuries that occur on construction sites often include the following:
  • Burn injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Eye injuries

The practice of welding is done in order to cut tough metals to size. This achieved by melting the metal through the use of pressure or high heat, which is where the danger of welding comes in. Workers must be supplied with all the necessary safety equipment in order to avoid injuries such as those stated above.

Welding and Eye Injuries

One of the most common and dangerous injuries that result from welding accidents is exposure to the high levels of ultraviolet rays used in welding. This can lead to burns on not only the surface of the skin but also the lens of one's eyes. While welders do wear protective eye and skin gear, the lack of that protective equipment can lead severe burns that are caused simply from exposure to the UV rays, even if there is no direct contact with the injured area.

"Arc-eye" is a condition of the eye that is caused by continual unsafe exposure to the ultraviolet rays used in welding. It consists of damage to the lens of the eye, resulting in an uncomfortable and often untreatable condition that involves a sensation that resembles having sand in one's eye. This injury is not necessarily caused in a one-time event but rather developed over a long period of time. Retinal injuries from large amounts of exposure at one time can also result, causing permanent damage to the worker's eyes.

Helping Injured Welders Obtain Compensation

If you have sustained injuries from a welding accident, which you suspect was due to negligence on the part of your employer, you should contact a Santa Clarita construction accident lawyer immediately. Taking action to rectify the situation and recover compensation will not only assist you in dealing with the negative impacts of the accidents but also ensure that your employer does not allow anyone or anything else be hurt.

Turn to the Santa Clarita personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus to learn more about how we can help you obtain compensation for your welding injuries.

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