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Speeding & Car Accidents in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Car Accident Lawyer

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, the one of the most common causes of car accidents in the state are attributed to driving at speeds unsafe for the road. Speeding is an epidemic that claims credit for almost 200,000 car accidents per year and countless injuries to innocent victims. That means that those car accidents could have been avoided if the driver of the car had adhered to the speeding limit on the road at the time of the accident.

Speeding is thought to be involved in one third of all fatal car accidents and the third leading cause of traffic accidents in general.

The challenge with speeding is that a majority of drivers will admit to engaging it high speed driving one time or another. While safety improvements have been made concerning other driving dangers such as drunk driving or wearing seatbelts, speeding remains a persistent risk for injury on the road.

Why do people speed?

The reasons for driving at such dangerous speeds are not nearly important enough to merit putting oneself and others in such danger. Studies show that common reasons for speeding involve being in a hurry, not paying attention to the speed of the car, neglecting or intentionally disregarding pertinent traffic laws and failing to see speeding as a dangerous behavior.

Most people just think that they are good enough drivers to speed without putting others in danger and without getting caught. However, the results of car accident studies show that more often than not, even the most experienced drivers can end up in a car accident because they were driving too fast.

Dangers of Speeding

Why is speeding so dangerous? Many Americans disregard the traffic laws of their state simply because they do not see why they are necessary. However, even physical science attributes to the increased danger of speedy driving.

Speed limits are strategically placed with view to the road conditions and environment. Speeding as a traffic offense, therefore, is driving at a speed that is unsafe for that specific road condition.

The study of physics even shows that speeding is dangerous because:

  • It hinders the drivers ability to react effectively
  • It reduces the car's traction and stability, especially on turns
  • It increases the vehicle's vulnerability to rolling over, especially for SUVs and vehicles with a higher center of gravity.
  • Drivers have less time to stop, swerve or slow down in response to an unforeseen obstacle in the road such as a sudden turn, stopped car or fallen object.
  • It significantly diminishes the handling quality of the car because most cars allowed on the road are simply not built to drive at such speeds in such road conditions.

Most of all, speeding is dangerous because all of the above put the occupants of the car and those surrounding in an increased risk of danger. As statistics show, speeding is often times fatal. It is simply not worth it to put others in such danger just to save a few minutes on the road.

Victims of Speeding

While the injuries involved in speeding accidents are not unique with view to other accidents, they tend to be some of the most serious and catastrophic injuries associated with traffic-collisions. Studies show that the higher the speed of the vehicle/vehicles is at the time of the accident, the higher the chances of severe, if not fatal, injuries is. In other words, the speed of a car has a direct relationship to the severity of the injury and damage done in an accident.

If you are an injured victim of speedy driving, a Santa Clarita car accident attorney from our office can help you. You may have the right to hold that driver accountable for his or her reckless conduct, and we can assist you with your insurance claim or lawsuit in order to seek full financial compensation for your injuries. Depending on the accident, you may have been left with lasting physical injuries, may have missed work and may have been hospitalized. All of this adds up and can cause serious financial problems for you and your family - the last thing you need in the wake of a serious accident.

Financial Damages for a Speeding Accident

It is true that no amount of money could possibly compensate a car accident victim or his or her family for the pain and suffering they have endured. It can, however, help a victim begin rebuilding and moving on. Financial damages in a speeding accident claim in the Santa Clarita area may include, but are not limited to: lost earnings, loss of future earnings, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, medical bills, and future medical care.

Compensation is available to victims of speeding accidents. If an officer determines that the car crash was due to or involved high speeds, the other driver will be held responsible for the accident and damages. In addition to being charged with speeding, the driver can be held liable for damages in a civil court.

As victims of a speeding accident that caused injury to you and your passengers, you can not only claim compensation for the losses and expenses caused by the accident, but the judge may award you punitive damages as a means to punish the driver for violating traffic laws.

To learn more about car accident claims involving speeding, contact a personal injury attorney in Santa Clarita today.

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