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Santa Clarita Car Accident Lawyer

Injured in a Car Crash? You Have Rights.

Regardless of your specific injuries, you will want to speak with a Santa Clarita car accident attorney if you or someone you love was hurt in a recent crash. Driver errors are responsible for a majority of car accidents in Santa Clarita, and if your accident was caused by another driver who was acting carelessly or recklessly behind the wheel, you may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

  • Distracted driving: Driving while distracted is one of the leading causes of accidents in California and the United States. One of the largest contributing factors is cell phone use, but other forms of distracted driving include changing the radio station, eating, talking to other passengers and more.
  • Drunk driving: If you were hit by a drunk driver, that individual will likely be arrested and charged with a DUI offense. These accidents often result in injuries. While the driver is already facing criminal penalties, you could bring a personal injury lawsuit against them for the damages that you suffered.
  • Reckless driving: Reckless driving is also often referred to as aggressive driving or even road rage. Reckless driving is careless driving, and these drivers pay little regard to the safety of others on the road. Those hit or injured by reckless drivers may be able to file claims or lawsuits for compensation.
  • Speeding: One of the most common types of aggressive driving is speeding. Statistically, California typically leads the entire United States in number of speeding-related traffic fatalities per year. Speeding drivers can face traffic citations, but they can also face civil penalties if their actions hurt others.
  • Dangerous roads: A massive pothole on the road or poor lighting can also be reasons for an accident that would have been avoidable if the city was more careful to maintain their roads. Also, if the city fails to post necessary warning signs, and someone is hurt as a result, this can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Should I Call the Police After an Accident?

If there are injuries, you should definitely call 911. It is advisable to have police on the scene because they can bring direction to the situation and will take a full report of the event that will be helpful to your insurance claim later on. Your car accident lawyer will request a copy of the police report to use in your case.

Should I Speak with the Insurance Company?

Unless your car accident lawyer has advised you otherwise, you should refrain from speaking with the other driver's insurance company. The insurance company will attempt to pay you as little as possible, and anything you say may end up being used against you. If you have already been contacted, consult with your attorney about how you should approach the agent and what information you can share with them.

Can I Be Compensated for a Hit and Run Accident?

Even if a driver leaves the scene of an accident after hitting your car, there is still a chance that he or she will be identified shortly after the event. Fleeing drivers are often identified by eyewitnesses who catch the license plate number or by the damage on their car when they seek repairs. However, even if the driver is never caught, you may still be able to secure compensation through your own auto insurance policy.

Can I Seek Compensation If I Was Partially at Fault?

California is a comparative-fault state. This means that compensation will be awarded based on percentages of fault. The good news is that comparative fault states still award compensation to drivers with a partial amount of fault. However, awards will be adjusted in accordance with the plaintiff's own level of fault.

Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

While car accident claims can be made personally through insurance companies, it is always advisable to retain legal counsel for the claim, especially when the other driver was at-fault. Having an experienced lawyer represent you will protect you from the insurance company's attempt at cheating you out of your fair share of compensation and also alleviate the burden of having to file necessary paperwork yourself.

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