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Defective Medical Devices

San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

With technology advancing faster than ever, there are more medical devices helping people with injuries and conditions live normal lives. More people are able to recover from conditions and injuries that would have been fatal just 20 years ago and electronic equipment and tools are working towards eliminating human error in a number of medical fields.

However, the absence of human error does not necessarily mean there is no room for error of any kind. In fact, countless devices and tools are dangerous and can be defecting, proving that there is always a place for negligence to cause injury.

Medical technology manufacturers are some of the largest companies in the country. Just like other manufacturers, these companies have a responsibility to the patients that rely on their products to use caution in the design, production and marketing of their product. Despite regulations, many medical devices are put on the market with inadequate testing, meaning the risk of unknown, undisclosed and unforeseen side effects is much higher.

Hip Replacements

Hip replacements are painful, complex surgeries that allow an individual with arthritis obtain pain relief and improved hip function. Mostly prevalent among the elderly, hip replacements are known to have long recovery times. Additionally, many hip replacements have been known to be defective or dangerous, causing additional injuries such as hipbone fractures and implant dislocations.

Some of the most common subjects of defective hip replacement claims include:

  • Stryker Hip Implants
  • Depuy Hip Replacement Systems
  • Zimmer Hip Replacement Systems

Defective or unsuccessful hip replacements can cause a great amount of pain for the patient, increasing the risk of infection and requiring a follow-up procedure.

Knee Replacements

Much like hip replacements, reconstructive or replacement procedures for injured knees are very common among a number of people groups. Knee replacement surgeries use metal and plastic components as replacement to diseased or damaged joint surfaces to allow continued motion of the knee.

The procedure is most common among elderly people as well as retired athletes whose former sports activities required rigorous use of the knee joints. Some of the most common defective knee replacements are the Depuy knee replacement system and the Zimmer knee replacement system.

Transvaginal Mesh Implants

Transvaginal mesh implants have been implanted into thousands of women to provide support for a number of pelvic organs. Complications that are treated with these implants include stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, the implant, which includes a surgical mesh product used to support weakened muscles, have been linked to a high rate of complications.

Injuries that have been traced back to transvaginal mesh implants include:

  • Erosion of the vaginal tissue
  • Inflammation
  • Damage to the bladder
  • Severe pain
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring

The transvaginal complications are very serious and can cause permanent damage to a woman's reproductive system. A number of lawsuits have been brought forth under this one procedure, drawing the attention of both the legal and medical community.

Helping Victims of Defective Medical Devices

While the above products are some devices that have received attention in recent years, there is an infinite amount of medical equipment used on millions of patients everyday with the potential to fail.

Anything from standard needles to surgical fires caused by oxygen-enriched environments can place a helpless patient in the danger of injury. In those moments where a patient does get injured by a defective, dangerous or improperly administered medical device, The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus is here to represent the interests of the injured victim aggressively and with determination.

If you or someone you know suspects that the injuries sustained after receiving medical treatment were due to the malfunctioning of device used in your treatment, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in San Fernando Valley immediately. An attorney can examine the facts of your situation and determine whether you have grounds to pursue action to recover compensation for your injuries. Mistakes in the production and administration of medical devices can have deadly ramifications for the patients.

Make sure that you are protected by hiring a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney from our firm today.

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