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Falling Objects at a Construction Site

A construction site is a prime location for injuries, for both workers and pedestrians in the surrounding areas. One of these common causes is due to falling objects that are often a result of a construction area. Unfortunately, a number of these falling incidents are entirely preventable and are a direct cause of the negligent actions of an employee or employer over the construction.

Falling objects are to be taken very seriously at a construction site, because even a small sized article can cause extreme injuries to a person standing far below. As stated, both workers and pedestrians in the area are at risk of an accident. For this very reason, it is the responsibility of the construction companies to ensure that every federal mandate is adhered to in order to provide a safe environment for the workers and innocent passerby. In order to practice a safe environment, workers can implement a few procedures on their own.

These necessary practices include:

  • Using handlines and elevators for raising objects or materials
  • Secure materials in a place where they are not near a ledge or can otherwise fall off
  • Make sure all tools are secured in a tool box or tool belt on your person
  • Proper employee training prior to construction/tool usage
  • Using warning signs in construction zone, use necessary strong erected barriers to keep objects from falling

Protecting Yourself From an Injury

Construction workers are most susceptible to falling objects at their work site, and because of this the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) offers many tips for workers in order to protect themselves and others from injury. Construction site injuries from falling objects can vary in severity depending on the object itself and the height from which it fell.

These could include severe eye injuries, minor cuts and bruises, concussions, brain damage and fatalities in some situations. An obvious tip is that all construction workers properly wear their hardhats while near the construction site, even if it is your break time. A falling object may appear out of nowhere which is why it is so essential to protect your skull at all times. Next, make sure that you are always wearing safety goggles, face shields, etc. when around areas that may have small particles falling. Even a small object can cause severe eye damages when falling from many feet. Continually inspect your construction equipment that it is secure and in safe working condition before each use.

Another common cause of accidents is when there are poorly trained workers on site, make sure that you and your coworkers are not in this category; it may cost your life. When working near cranes, never stand underneath a moving load. If a crane malfunction were to occur your life could be at risk.

To make sure that no workers or bystanders get near these areas, make sure that they are properly barricaded and there are warning signs clearly on display. When using a crane, never go over the weight capacity of a crane; these limits are given for a reason. Regularly inspect your cranes, as well. Be aware of the condition of the hooks, wire ropes, chains, etc. in order to ensure that they are safe for that day's work load.

Are you an injured pedestrian?

Pedestrians are also at great risk of injury when near construction sites that are not properly closed off and protected by the construction companies. According to reports, there are at least 100 pedestrian construction injuries annually; just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unfortunately, these injuries from falling objects can be severe, if not fatal. When an innocent bystander is injured near a construction zone, it most likely has to do with the negligence of an employee or the construction company for failing to warn the public of the surrounding dangers or to provide the necessary coverings for the construction site.

Proving Fault in a San Fernando Falling Object Injury

Whether you are a common passerby or a construction worker, if you are injured at a construction site by a falling object, consider contacting an experienced San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus today for the legal representation you need to fight your claim. Proving fault in this sort of incident may be a complicating process and it will require negligence, or carelessness, that led to the accident.

Every case is unique, which is why you ought to contact our firm as soon as possible in order to begin fighting your case.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve after your injuries.

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