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San Fernando Valley Child Injury Attorney

Children's Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

Every day, parents in the San Fernando Valley place their children in the hands of people who are supposed to care for them and look out for their well-being. In today's busy world, parents can rarely be with their children every second of the day, which is why they send their children to schools, daycares, pre-school, and baby-sitters.

These places are supposed to be safe-havens for children; places where parents can rest-assured knowing that their children are being properly cared for. As many parents discover, this is not always the case and the very people who are entrusted with their children can be responsible for causing them injury. If your child has suffered an injury because of someone's negligence, a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney can provide you with the legal assistance you will need to obtain compensation.

There are many ways a child can be injured, including:

  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Drownings
  • Dog Bites
  • Dangerous & Defective Products
  • Poisonings
  • Car Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Accidents Involving Firearms
  • Watercraft Accidents
  • Strangulation or Suffocation
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

Liability Claims for Children's Injuries

Liability for children's injuries is not always a concrete area of personal injury law. While there is not a separate legal avenue dedicated especially to children's injuries, claims can be made under other negligence claims in the event that a child is injured. What sets the claims involving children apart from others is the amount of damages claimed. Because children are younger, more fragile and less understanding when it comes to their own judgment calls, compensation for personal injury claims on their behalf is often more than an adult claim.

Common claims made for children's injuries include:

  • Product Liability : Many products that children use are unreasonably dangerous or even defective. Children's toys, pediatric medication and other such products that interact with children can cause injuries if they are defective in their design, production or marketing. If a defective product or dangerous drug causes injury to a child, the product manufacturer can be held liable for those damages.
  • Vehicle Accidents: These are perhaps the most frequent type of claims made for children's injuries because of how many children are injured in vehicle-related accidents. Bus accidents, car accidents and pedestrian accidents can all involve young children who are subject to sustaining serious and even fatal injuries. Negligence on the part of the adults driving the cars or buses that children ride in can be extremely dangerous. Furthermore, with the millions of children that walk to school every day, there is also a high number that are made victims to pedestrian accidents because of careless or reckless driving on the part of the drivers on the road.
  • Birth Injuries : Children's injuries can take form from the very beginning of their lives. Hundreds of medical malpractice claims are made each year because negligence on the part of a medical professional during birth. Injuries that originate from birth affect the entirety of the child's life.
  • Dog Bites : Animal attacks are especially dangerous to children. If a dog or domestic pet has an unreasonable tendency toward violence, it can cause serious injury to a child. Loose dogs attack children playing in parks or walking home from school every day and it is the responsibility of the owner, who should have restrained their pet, to pay for the damages.

Other claims include premises liability claims after a child suffers injuries from a swimming pool accident or hazardous condition at someone's home or place of business. General negligence claims can be made against careless babysitters or supervisors expected to protect the child from unreasonable risk of injury. Adults and supervisors are expected to exercise special care when interacting with children. Putting them in dangerous situations or failing to protect them from hazardous conditions is a failure of that duty and constitutes negligence.

San Fernando Personal Injury Attorney

Whether your child was injured by a negligent driver in a school bus accident, or wasn't being properly supervised at daycare and ingested a poisonous substance, our attorneys can take the proper legal actions necessary on your behalf.

First, it must be established that a specific person, company, or business was negligent. Once liability has been determined, your lawyer will have to prove that your child was injured as a result of this negligence, and we will consult with the appropriate experts should this need to be proven at court. The final step to a personal injury claim will involve negotiating a settlement amount, and your attorney will fight very hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you are considering a personal injury claim against the person responsible for your child's injuries, contact a personal injury attorney in San Fernando Valley to assist you in the process.

At The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we believe in the importance of children having access to the best possible medical attention in order to recover from their injuries and we understand that as their parent or guardian, you want to provide that for them.

However, the expenses of such treatment can prove an obstacle. Do not let money be the reason that your child does not get a chance at a full recovery. The person responsible for their injuries should be responsible for the expenses and a San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you make them pay.

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