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Eye and Ear Injury Lawyer

San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Attorney

The human body is a wondrous thing; millions of intricate systems are constantly working together to keep a person alive. One small organ's condition can drastically transform a person's ability to live a full life in just a matter of seconds.

A prime example of how essential certain bodily functions are is the ability to see and hear. There are infinite reasons why these senses are so important to someone's chance for a full and enjoyable life and if they are suddenly taken away in a tragic accident, it can have catastrophic implications for the remainder of the person's life.

Catastrophic injuries earn the name because of how important those bodily features are to life and the intensity and extent the effect of injury can have on a person's life. Injuries to the eyes and ears definitely qualify as catastrophic, which means that compensation after an accident is proportionately greater for such injuries if they are determined to be caused by negligence.

Eye Injuries

The eye is one of the most mysterious and complex organs of the body. Although it is seemingly small in size, it gives the brain the images and directions of the world. Any injury to the organ can cause difficultly of seeing or complete loss of vision altogether. These injuries can occur from any type of accident – all it takes is a blast of chemical odor or small piece of debris to pierce the surface of the cornea and change a person's life forever.

The risk of eye injuries is especially high in car accidents because of the shattered glass, work accidents and construction accidents. Blunt force head trauma can also cause damage to the eye system from the inside and produce symptoms of vision impairment and loss on the outside.

For anyone who was born with the ability to see, it is far too easy to take healthy vision for granted. All it takes to appreciate the sense of seeing is to image a world where the sun never rose and the lights never turned on. Without vision, a person could never witness their children growing older or see the joy on the face of a loved one. To have all of these things ripped away in a few seconds because of an accident that was another person's fault is one of the most unjust, devastating losses.

Ear Injuries

Another vital feature to the human body is the ear. Just like the eye gives the imagery of the world to the brain, the ear supplies the sounds of the world. Apart from the infinite pleasures provided by the ears, they are essential to the ability to communicate and function in society.

Hearing provides a unique connection with nature and with other people through communication and interaction that would otherwise be extremely hindered. Furthermore, the inner ear has been found to be significant in providing balance that is essential to mobility.

Ear injuries are both painful and traumatizing. Hearing dysfunction is more common that most sensory injuries because of the fragility of the inner hear. The loss or impairment of hearing can result from explosions, head trauma and motor vehicle accidents. The damage to the ear usually includes internal bleeding of the ear canal and damage to the ear drum.

San Fernando Valley Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

When someone else's mistake results in a life altering injury, you should know that you are entitled to claim compensation for the damage they caused. While money can never replace the ability to hear or see fully, it can alleviate the other burdens involved with the actual injury and recompense you for the damage through a financial avenue.

If you were involved in an accident that resulted in damage to your eyes or ears, contact a personal injury attorney in San Fernando Valley to learn about the process of filing a claim for compensation.

We can help you recover the compensation you need in order to adjust to your new life and we want to see you awarded what you rightly deserve.

At The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we believe that all innocent victims of catastrophic injuries deserve to be given the maximum amount of compensation for the devastating impact of the accident to their life.

Call our office today at (800) 905-8777 to schedule a free case evaluation without any obligation.

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