Burn Injuries

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San Fernando Valley Burn Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer for Burn Injury Claims

At The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we provide representation to injured victims in San Fernando Valley who are suffering burn injuries. If you have been burned, you have experienced one of the most painful types of injuries a person can experience in life. Depending upon the severity of your burn injury, you may have suffered excruciating pain, disfiguring scars, multiple surgeries involving skin grafting and reconstruction.

People suffering from burn injuries can face very long recovery periods, and even after the actual burns have healed they may still suffer psychologically and emotional from the scars left behind by the burns. Considering the life-altering capabilities of this type of injury, it is only fair that if another person or company is responsible for causing the injuries they should provide compensation to the victim for medical costs, lost wages, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Severe burns may result in:

  • Dehydration
  • Infections that can lead to death
  • Limb amputation
  • The application of skin grafts
  • Skin disfiguring & scarring
  • Loss of range of motion on burned parts of the body
  • Loss of the sense of touch
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Loss of ability to perspire
  • Changes in victim's appearance and self-esteem

Explanation of the Different Degrees of Burns

Burns are classified based on several factors – namely, how much area of skin was affected and how deep the burn goes. Depth of the burn will primarily be affected by how hot the item causing the burn was; how the burn was caused (heat, chemical, etc.); how long the skin was in contact with the cause of the burn; how much blood is currently flowing to the burned area; and where the burn occurred.

Based upon all of the above, burns are then categorized into different "degrees." For example, a first degree burn is most akin to bad sunburns; these are red and painful, but typically only affect the outermost layer of skin (otherwise known as the epidermis). First degree burns are usually very dry and require anywhere from three to five days for healing, where the skin will usually peel.

Second degree burns break into two separate categories – partial and full thickness. Partial thickness burns usually involve blisters on wet appearing skin, which is typically pink or red. When pressure is applied, the skin will blanch; this usually involves several weeks of healing. When the burn is full thickness, the skin is dry instead of wet and either red or white in color. The victim can usually still feel some level of sensation, but it is diminished, with little blanching. Healing usually requires excision or skin grafting.

One of the worst types of burns is third degree, which affects all layers of the skin, and even begins to damage the tissues beneath. Skin which has been affected by the burn is usually black or white, and will feel "leathery" and dry. There is no blanching when pressure is applied and the victim usually feels no pain at all due to the damaged nerves in the skin. Should a burn be classified as fourth degree, it means that the burn has extended past all of the different layers of skin and into the muscle and bone.

Contact a San Fernando Valley Burn Injury Lawyer

Whether you have suffered from thermal burns, radiation burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, or inhalation burns, a San Fernando Valley burn injury attorney can help you. All aspects of your accident and subsequent injuries will be examined to determine liability, and once that has been established your attorney will take legal actions against the responsible party to ensure maximum compensation is awarded for your burn injuries.

Contact a San Fernando Valley burn injury lawyer at our firm if you want an experienced representative to handle your burn injury claim.


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