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Types of Car Accidents in San Fernando Valley

An important step in filing a car accident claim for your injuries is to determine the circumstances and characteristics that led to and defined your car accident. Almost all car accidents are caused by the negligence of one or more drivers on the road. The type of accident that led to your injuries can help your injury attorney and the insurance company determine who was at fault in causing the accident, which is important in the process of getting you the compensation you deserve.

Rear Impact accidents are some of the most common to occur and typically do not involve serious injuries.

Such accidents result when one car's front end collides into the back of another car, usually the car driving in front of it. A common cause of rear end accidents involves weather conditions that impair the ability of the drivers to see in front of them, such as fog or heavy rain. Rear end accidents are also caused by careless driving in such conditions or the inappropriately timed use of cellphones and other devices. In California, regardless of the circumstances that led to the collision, the fault for a rear end accident is with the driver of the car whose front end was damaged. Although rear impact collisions are typically mild in damage, the speed at which the cars are driving before or during the collision can take what would have been a simple fender bender and intensify it into a major injury accident.

Side Swipe Accidents happen when two cars, typically driving in the same direction, come into contact with one another's side.

This could be caused by hasty lane changes or distracted driving which led one of the drivers to drift into the other car's lane. Depending on the reaction of the drivers to the impact, damages caused by a side swipe accident can range from simple visual damage to extreme, injury causing damage. If the drivers are able to retain control of their cars after the impact, they will typically be able to safely drive their cars into the shoulder to stop.

However, if a driver reacts suddenly to the impact, it could lead them to lose control of their vehicle and collide with another car or drive off the road. The seriousness of the accident and injuries also depends on the intensity of the actual impact. Simply drifting into another driver's lane will typically result in a minor accident. However, if the driver is reacting to a road condition that leads them to suddenly jerk the opposite way and hit the side of the car beside them, the damage can be much more significant and possible injuries may result. Determining fault in such accidents involves the location of most of the debris, what each driver did to avoid the collision and what options the drivers had to avoid impact.

T-Bone Collision, also known as a broadside or side impact collision, occurs when the side of one vehicle is impacted by the front end of another car, typically at a right-angle impact.

The severity of such accidents can range from minor to fatal depending on the speed of the vehicles, the safety features of each car and where the impact occurred on the car's side. T-bone accidents are known to result in more injury to the driver of the car whose side was impacted, since the damage to the other car resembles that of a front end collision. Such accidents are usually caused by the failure of one of the drivers to yield the right of way or the disregard for a traffic light or sign.

Fault in a side impact collision is determined by factoring in the traffic violations and other circumstances that led to the collision. If the liability is obvious, most drivers in the wrong will admit fault but if not, the police and witnesses will collaborate efforts to determine who caused the accident. Depending on the speed of the vehicles and location of the actual impact, T-bone collisions can be the some of the most danger car accidents to occur.

Head-On Collisions, by definition, are the other most serious type of accidents possible.

In a head on collision, the front ends of the two vehicles involved meet each other. They are typically caused by one car driving in an inappropriate lane where the cars are coming at the opposite direction. In most head on collisions, injuries are sure to occur. The severity depends directly on the relative velocity, which factors in the combined speed of both cars at the time of the collision. The fault in these types of accidents is fairly easy to determine since it must involve one of the cars driving in an inappropriate lane.

Rollover Accidents typically involve only one car.

As the name suggests, such an accident occurs when the driver of the car loses control of his or her vehicle and the car ends up rolling over. The damage in such a collision involves the whole of the car, from top to side to bottom. Injuries occur more often than not and the severity depends on the safety features available in the car.

Rollover accidents can result in the car landing in the middle of the freeway, either in the original location or on the side of opposing traffic. Such instances can cause other cars to lose control and run into the damaged vehicle or other cars on the freeway. Although a rollover accident originally involves only one car, determining fault can depend on any number of factors including the ignorant driving tactics on another driver, unsafe road conditions or inadequate traffic direction.

Multi-Vehicle Collision can result from any one of the above mentioned accidents.

As the name suggests, these accidents involve more than two vehicles and can be catastrophic in terms of damage. Such accidents are caused by a failure to react safely to another accident on the road or when one impact leads the car to impact with another car.

Determining fault in such accidents can be difficult, since the cause must be traced back to the initial impact and how that occurred. Factors involved in determining fault also include what part the other cars played after the original accident occurred and the road conditions at the time of the accident. Because of the number of individuals involved in such accidents, it is especially important that injury victims equip themselves with a personal injury attorney who will advocate for their specific needs and rights.

San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

Information is power, especially when it comes to filing a car accident claim. The more you are informed of on the type of accident and the circumstances involved, the higher your chances are on a maximum recover. However, it is highly advised against to approach such a claim without an experienced personal injury attorney. Because of what is at stake, you need to ensure that you have legal representation with the skills and experienced required to facilitate the best possible outcome of your claim.

Contact a personal injury attorney in San Fernando Valley today to learn how The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus can assist you in claiming compensation for your injuries.

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