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Texting While Driving

San Fernando Valley Car Accident Attorney

The unarguable risk of texting and driving has caused an outburst of intense discouragement of the practice on media, personal and governmental levels. Not only have laws been put in place to outlaw the use of handheld devices while driving, but non-profit organizations, major corporations and entertainment groups have launched numerous campaigns aimed at deterring their supporters and consumers from the practice. Even leading wireless providers have created a way for their customers to take the "pledge" to not text and drive.

Despite these efforts, the dangerous epidemic continues to take up to 3,000 lives every year. The slogan leading the efforts is true, "it can wait." The danger of texting and driving is obvious and yet a number of drivers claim to be able to text and drive safely. Regardless of whether one believes in their ability to text safely while driving, it is still against the law. Countless families have been devastated by the untimely loss of a loved one and a number of other victims are living with life-time injuries – all because of one text message.

Texting while Driving: Unlawful and Unsafe

Under the California Vehicle Code [VC] §23123, all drivers are prohibited from using any form of handheld wireless device while behind the wheel of a car. While this law has been in place since 2009, there are still more and more individuals who believe it is still okay to use their cell phone behind the wheel. Those who use a cell phone while driving are said to be 23 times more at risk of a car accident than those who keep all eyes on the road.

The greatest concern with those who text and drive is that their reaction time is greatly impaired which can result in missing a traffic light, rear-ending a car on the highway, or a much more severe collision. Studies show that the average text message takes an estimated 4.6 seconds, and though that may not seem like a long time; it actually can make the world of a difference. What many motorists don't realize is that if they are driving only 55 mph, in that short time frame they can travel the length of an entire football field.

According to reports by the Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving, It is estimated that 18% of all distracted driving related fatalities were caused specifically by drivers using their cell phones.

Sadly, the majority of these drivers tends to be younger in age and much less experienced behind the wheel, making them an even greater danger on the road. Furthermore, studies show that 16% of all accidents caused by distracted driving were caused by drivers under the age of 20 years old. Young adults are not the only ones responsible, however. According to studies, during the average day at least 800,000 drivers on the roads of America are distracted with their cell phone on their commute.

Contact a San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

When someone who is texting and driving causes tragedy to another life, they will surely receive legal consequences for their actions. However, state fines and even jail time does not do anything for the victim and their family, who are likely facing steep costs of medical treatment, property damage and the inability to work. Additionally, when these actions lead to the wrongful death of an innocent person, it is an awful reality to think that one text message was worth more to that driver than the lives of others.

The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus knows how difficult it is to be injured or loose a loved one to a texting and driving accident.

The epidemic of this activity has become almost as serious as drunk driving accidents, claiming thousands of lives every year. We want to help the hurting victims and families of texting and driving accidents work towards rebuilding their lives.

Contact a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney to learn how our firm can help you claim compensation to help you cope with the aftermath of your accident.

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