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Causes of Car Accidents

Have you been injured in a car accident in Pasadena?

ar accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in our nation, and approximately 30,000 people die from fatal car accidents every year.

While steps are being taken to improve the conditions of the road and enforce safer driving habits, there are still thousands and thousands of accidents that take place every year. These accidents cause severe injury, emotional trauma and property damage to those involved, and it is important to understand what is causing many of these accidents in the Pasadena area.

Los Angeles County is one of the most populous counties in California, and it is also known as a commuter city. Thousands of drivers traverse the freeways into and around Pasadena every day, and these roads frequently become congested during popular commute hours. With a growing population and more cars on the road, there are also more chances for accidents to occur. No two car accidents are the same, but there are similar circumstances and factors that contribute to a majority of accidents.

Here at The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we have compiled a list of the most common car accident causes so that you can know how to protect your rights if you are ever involved in an accident of any kind.

Aggressive Driving/Road Rage
Driving can be emotionally stressful, aggravating and even infuriating. When the roads get crowded and people are rushing to get somewhere, aggressive driving and road rage can run rampant. Tactics such as tailgating, aggressive acceleration, and excessive lane changes put others at risk for an accident.

Distracted Driving
This is one of the greatest causes of accidents in our country among young and old people alike. Drivers who are talking on the phone or texting while driving cannot give their full attention to the task of driving, and this leads to a greater risk for accidents and collisions.

Drunk Driving
It is no surprise to learn that driving while intoxicated is a serious hazard for yourself and other drivers on the road. According to the NHTSA;

An estimated 10,228 people died in drunk driving crashes, accounting for 31% of all traffic deaths last year.

Fatigued Drivers
When people choose to drive late into the night or early in the morning, the chance for fatigue and slow mental capacity is much greater. Being tired while driving is not only uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous to yourself and others.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance
Every driver has the responsibility to maintain and upkeep their vehicle in a manner that is safe for driving. When cars are abused or neglected over a period of time, serious accidents can occur. In order to avoid this, it is important to get regular maintenance checkups for your vehicle.

Unsafe Roadways
When the state fails to repair and take care of the highways, the roads can quickly become in a state of disrepair. Potholes, old traffic signs and roads with limited visibility at night can all contribute to an accident, and should be repaired by the government as soon as possible.

Call to Get Help from a Caring Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer

Here at the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, we understand that every car accident is different and requires individual attention and investigation. A Pasadena car accident attorney from our firm will come to the scene of your accident and conduct an external assessment of the cause of the accident on your behalf. By doing so, we are safeguarding your rights and giving you the best chance at recovering maximum compensation for your injuries.

After an accident, it is important to seek medical care even if you think that you are not injured. Many injuries do not surface until a later time, and you may not be able to recover compensation if you did not receive a medical examination immediately following the accident. You should also take photos of the accident scene and property damage of all the vehicles involved, and note the accident location address and the date and time of the accident.

Above all, contact our firm for the caring, dedicated help that you deserve. We will fight tirelessly to defend you and your family.

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