Tips for Your Doctor's Appointment Following an Accident

One of the inevitable steps you are expected to take after a serious car accident is visiting a medical professional. You may go to the emergency room immediately following the accident, but you also want to see your doctor within the following 72 hours after the collision. Any gap in receiving medical treatment can work against your case.

Before you see your doctor, though, you want to ensure that you are properly prepared. The questions you ask, the information you gather, and what you tell your doctor can help you protect your rights when moving forward with legal action. Below, you’ll find some of the most important tips for your doctor’s appointment following the crash.

What to Do Before and During Your Doctor’s Appointment

  • Keeping a Pain Journal: A pain journal is something you can use for your own personal records and as something you can take to your doctor to ensure consistency. In your pain journal, you want to document your injuries (including how severe the pain is and where it exists), the symptoms you’re experiencing, and which treatments you may have received from the emergency room.

  • Keep Notes Regarding Your Expenses: You need to ensure you’re keeping all documentation regarding what prescriptions you have, your out-of-pocket costs, medical equipment you may have had to purchase, and all other expenses associated with the injuries. If your doctor details additional needs during the appointment, put those in your notes as well.

  • Asking Necessary Questions: Because you want to have a clear idea of your own well-being, you’ll want to ask more about the severity of your injuries, if you should return to work, or if there’s an expected recovery time. You may also ask the doctor if he or she can pinpoint the cause of the accident. The answers to these questions can be used as evidence in your personal injury claim.

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