New App from Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus

Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus Launches New After-Accident App

Each year in America, there are millions of car accidents, which cause thousands of fatalities and millions of injuries. As unfortunate as it may be, the statistics show that you or someone you love have a high chance of one day being in a car accident. To help make certain you are prepared as possible it, The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus and our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys have created a new smartphone app.

This new app — which is available on iOS and Android — has everything you need to handle the situation confidently after being in a car accident. Just download the app and keep it handy in case you are in a collision. It is our goal to help you through this trying time with as little complication and stress as possible!

Some of the features of app include:

  • Camera, audio recorder, flashlight, and interactive notepad so you can easily collect evidence like pictures and testimonials.
  • Premade accident report forms, including a form to collect necessary information from all other parties involved in your car accidents.
  • FAQ forms with common car accident questions and the answers.
  • “Wallet” to track your expenses and damages for easy reference as your case progresses.
  • “Pain Journal” to record your levels of pain as you recuperate, which is a helpful reference for both medical providers and your personal injury attorney.
  • Fast ways to connect with our Los Angeles car accident lawyers, such as links to Facebook and Twitter.

Smart Car Accident Detection System to Get You Help

The most exciting and innovative feature of our new app is that it can notify loved ones of your accident (**), allowing them to summon emergency responders to your location in case you are incapacitated from the crash! If you run the app in the background while your phone is on, and also enable your GPS locator, then our app can detect when you have been in a serious car accident. This is made possible by collecting GPS and gyroscopic data from your phone. A crash will often rock your smartphone’s internal gyroscope violently, and the GPS reports that your speed dramatically declined to a full stop.

When such an alarm is sounded in the app, it will send a crash report to people you have selected as your emergency contacts. If the accident has made it so you cannot call for help yourself, then your loved ones can do it for you and with accuracy! We are hopeful that this app will not only help people avoid the headaches that can come with managing a car accident claim, but that it might also save lives by getting emergency responders to their crash site in a hurry.

To learn more about our app and how to get it, we encourage you to visit the Apple Store and Google Play Store:

You can also click here to view an informational video uploaded to our YouTube channel. Or, of course, you can call us at (800) 905-8777 or contact us online with any inquiries.

(** Not all accidents will be detectable by our app. It is also possible for the app to misread data and send an accident report to your chosen contacts, despite you not getting into a collision.)