Attorney Gerald Marcus Receives Thank You Letter from Client

Here at The Law Office of Gerald L. Marcus, we are proud to be a legal team that strives for excellence, not for our own reputation but for the wellbeing of our clients. We think that if you were to talk to any of our legal peers or the people we have helped in the past, they would tell you that we are as much caring community members as we are highly-skilled litigators and negotiators. At the end of the day, we are not satisfied with how a case is progressing unless our clients are satisfied.

For these reasons and more, we were truly honored when a client sent a heartwarming and heartfelt thank you letter to Attorney Gerald Marcus. This particular client was in a devastating accident that left their parents with far more questions than answers about what to do next. When Gerald found a message waiting for him early Sunday morning, he knew the situation was urgent and reached out to the client right away.

By the next morning, we were seated with the client discussing their options but, more importantly, doing what we could to make them feel at ease. The case ended up being more complicated than most, causing it to take longer than usual. We are pleased to be able to say that we kept in close communication with our client throughout and never let them feel as if they were alone during this trying time. Our team, led by Mr. Marcus, came together to advise our client all manners of concerns, from how the family could manage its finances in the meantime to learning how to better manage the pain caused by our client’s injuries.

From all of us at The Law Office of Gerald L. Marcus, thank you so much for this lovely thank you letter! It was an honor to be able to represent a family as kind as yours. We hope you all the best in the future.

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