Minimum Liability Accident Coverage in California

Minimum Liability Accident Coverage in California

"Won't insurance cover me?"

This is the assumption that many car accident victims make after their sustaining an injury on the road. In California, all registered drivers are required to carry liability coverage, meaning that, in case they cause an accident, the victims can receive compensation from the provider and avoid any burdens for the victim. On paper, this is a good system that would eliminate the need for any legal action following an accident-- but this sadly has not been the case.

Minimum Liability Coverage

One of the reasons why mandatory liability coverage hasn't eliminated the need for post-accident legal action is because many drivers in California have elected minimum liability coverage. This is the cheapest option for most drivers and it's estimated that a majority of drivers select it from their insurance providers.

Minimum liability coverage in California is as follows:

  • Property damage: $5,000
  • Each injured person (or death): $15,000
  • Each accident that injures more than one person: $30,000

On one hand, you can see that this coverage is probably adequate for minor accidents. For instance, in a minor fender bender in which the victim sprains a wrist, $15,000 is probably enough coverage to provide medical treatment and facilitate a full recovery.

However, in serious accidents, minimum liability coverage will not be sufficient. $15,000, for example, is not proper compensation for the death of a loved one, nor might $30,000 be in cases of multiple catastrophic injuries. In these cases, which are unfortunately common, further legal action is called for.

Fighting for Your Minimum Coverage

Another reason why minimum liability coverage may not be enough to cover your car accident injuries? The insurance provider may resist paying it. Even when minimum liability coverage applies to an accident, providers will want to protect their bottom line and minimize the claims of the injured. In these cases, it is often necessary to hire counsel to negotiate with the company, bring them to court, or file a claim directly against the negligent driver in order to recover proper compensation.

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