What Should You Do After an Auto Accident?

What Should You Do After an Auto Accident?

None of us get behind the wheel expecting to get into a car accident. If a collision does occur, it can be hard to transition from that jarring, frightening experience to a place where you are level-headed, complying with the law, and anticipating any future legal needs. This is especially true if an injury has occurred.

Our legal team at The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus has navigated countless car accident injury suits over the last 30 years and know what it takes to properly pursue compensation following a collision. Because of this, we are happy to offer the following steps for those motorists and passengers who suddenly find themselves in an auto accident.

Call for Assistance

Immediately following a collision on the road, it is critical to alert the authorities or emergency personnel. If it is evident that you, your passengers, or other drivers have been seriously hurt, then your call should be to 911. If not, a call to the police is still necessary. They will make out an accident report. Be as clear and concise when speaking with all responding personnel.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

Make sure to get the name, phone number, license number, plate number, and insurance information from the other motorists involved. It's is important to stay calm during this process. Emotions may be running high. Keep the conversation as basic and cordial as possible. Do not discuss the circumstances of the accident and who is at fault.

Gather All Relevant Evidence

It is important that you document as much of the scene of the accident as you can. Primarily, this involves pictures. Using your camera phone, document damage done to your car, skid marks on the road, relevant traffic signage—anything that establishes the circumstances and aftermath of the evidence.

If there are witnesses to accident, it is important that you speak with them. It is not necessary to "interview" these witnesses on the spot. Get their name and number, however, so they can be contacted later. Getting the names of the responding officers, their badge numbers, and a copy of their accident report is also necessary.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Inform your insurance provider that you have been in an accident. Again, it is important to be clear and concise. They will walk you through the proper steps and gather the information they need to honor your coverage.

Keep Track of All Medical Treatment and Car Repairs

It is critical to track the costs and prognoses of both medical treatment and car repairs following your accident. Not only will this be important for further communication with insurance companies, but, if negligence by other motorists was a factor, it can help craft an accident suit that accurately speaks to your post-accident burdens.

Get in Touch with an Attorney

Whether you believe the other driver was clearly at fault for your accident or an injury has occurred and you are unsure with how to proceed, it is crucial that you contact an attorney. An experienced Calabasas car accident lawyer can help you gather any additional evidence or information needed and counsel on what further steps to take (and not take).

Our firm has now made it even easier to follow the proper procedure after a car accident and preserve all possible viability if further legal action is needed. With the Accident App for Apple and Android phones, you can always be ready to collect the proper accident information, access nearby emergency services, and even get in direct contact with our legal team.

You can download the Accident App for iOS here and for Android here.

If you have been injured by another driver on the road, then we invite you to contact us at The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus today. Our dedicated team has decades of personal injury experience and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in relief for injury victims you deserve it. We have the knowledge, resources, and insight to ensure that your pain and suffering is properly accounted for under the law.

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